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Psychology is as the world of philosophy goes its a dying art that makes a world of good or bad. To beggin the most importent thing about meeting new people is no matter what to start off asking a question that will make them think. Doing this will do more then you could ever imagine.

Dr. Target Greeting a person.
A greeting is a logo of your personality, so start thinking of your trademark. The more intreguing your greet, the better a person will know you and remember your name. Some good ways to greet a person are:

*ring door bell many times* when they answer say "OMG i didnt think you here o well hi :)"

*sneak up the person* then yell Peek a boo i see you.


Alfred Hitcock never looked as good as me.

Made you look, again

Flirting with Girls :D

There are rules to flirting to girls, and remember allways listen!!!


1. Allways be sweet no matter the girl.

2. Use descriptive and inteligent words that make her think.

3. Be yourself *importent*

4. Pay attention to her, and make sure she knows it.

5. Listen

6. Know how she fells when your around her and try to make her feel better then she is.

7. Compliment her on stuff that doesn't seem importent.

8. Smile and be silly

9. Dont be dumb *jerk dumb ass etc...*

10. Tell the truth all the time even if it seems bad a girl will respect you if you do.

These 10 rule will make you a suave devenare *or however its spelled*, and above all dont get power greedy!

Manners and Etiquette

it may be dead to some but i still believe in those things along with romance and chivralry. So I will carefuly explain the basic things to you.

Who deserves such treatment?
well everyone, but there are exceptions. *rarely*

Holding a door open for a person.
In modern times this is often thought of as a male-female thing, but it's for everyone. so here are the rules for this aspect:

1. when and how long a door should be held open is determined by perception. what I mean by this is that use logic. If they cant get the door easily or their following close behind you dont shut the door in thier face. Do the respectful things, have dignity.

2. taking a minute out of your time to wait for someone shows that you admire, respect, and/or are atracted to them. Make this rule part of your common curtisy when you hold the door open.

3. above all go beyond basic niceness, compliment them, or offer them some help if they need it.

this is a very iffy prospect but ill try my best no matter the moment. theres a time for eating messy and theres a time when your in a fancy resturaunt and you dont wanna make mistakes. right now i dont have time to help you all on this but i will give you all the universal rules:

1. please and thank you. dont make me have to tell you.

2. Pace yourself, its not allways a race. well maybe with my family. :P savor the moment.

3. dont talk with food in your mouth. its very yucky. when you do talk to a person directly make eye contact.

4. never and i mean never take the last of any food, even if you were at a buffet and theres a tray of that very food coming out, its wrong to scrape the last bits up. so wait for more or eat something else.

this is pretty simple. rules:

1. compliments should be given w/o regard of a persons mood, but if its bad give more of them. just dont sound like a suck up or jerk.

2. go with what you know first dont make something elaborate up, it will colapse in your face most often if you do.

3. compliments should not be given with a monotone voice. put emotion and passion into your words, bring them to live.

4. be confident

some small rules for manners and ettiquette are:

give up your seat for someone else when the time comes.

help others out when they need it

give good advice

make people feel good, and do good things for 'em.

dont sell yourself short, or out.

its ok to have bad times but dont be a downer.

stand tall, and look dignified.

i will update this on a later time, as for then if you have any questions or coments. Email me at