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My music linguo is hard rock.
Simpsons, the WB, weekday afternoon cartoons, and the news i enjoy watching on tv *tivee* to unwind. Some of the best movies i ever seen are Phone Booth, Ghost World, Every addam sandler movie except going overboard, Heavy Metal 1 and 2000, Duets, Detroit Rock City, X-Men, The Matrix, and some movie about a boxer that wrote a book after going to jail for years then being justified by some family after some kid investigated *If you can tell me it would be appriciated*

I am currently editing my site *duh*, Working on beating Warcraft III, finding new people with icq msn or yahoo, trying to learn "basic latin", finding things to do outdoors, finding my interests for the future, and going to school unfortunetly (it actualy used to be a prison).

Psychology Note:

Personality changes slowly and attitude changes all the time. A person is a person, no matter who they are you have to listen to them and respect them. Be mischoves, humorous, nice, honest, asertive, allways intreging and you can have anything and anyone you deserve.

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